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all-day Belgium Ducati Day 2019
Belgium Ducati Day 2019
Sep 1 all-day
Belgium Ducati Day 2019
Na het enorme succes van verleden jaar organiseren we, terug op 1 september, de Belgium Ducaticlub Day. Na het in de kijker zetten van de Ducati Monster verleden keer is nu de beurt aan een[...]
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There are few things to which the Ducati name is indissolubly linked but one of these things is undoubtedly the Superbike World Championship where Ducati has clocked up an impressive number of successes. The podium achieved (today?) by NAME at the CIRCUIT brings the number of podiums scored by Ducati to an incredible total of 800.

Right from the championship’s origins in 1988 at Donington Park, the Ducati Superbikes have always stood out for their excellent results, so much so that there is not one year in the history of the SBK championship during which a Ducati did not reach the podium in at least one of the season’s races.

To cite all of the riders here would be a task (here alongside is a link to the complete list) but, while on one hand, achieving podiums with the factory bikes is more or less “expected”, on the other hand a good number of these results are down to private teams and riders who have confirmed again and again how the bikes built at Borgo Panigale have always proved competitive, even the so-called ‘client’ versions.

A confirmation of the philosophy that has always been applied to the various Ducati Superbike versions and that responds to the dogma of “race-ready”, identified by the letter “R”. A philosophy that, in certain cases, has also seen client bikes defeat the factory bikes, another demonstration of the quality of the project and the product itself.

From the very first 851 Superbike that reached the top step of the rostrum at the aforementioned Donington Park round of 1988, to the Panigale R of “NAME” at “CIRCUIT”, the Ducati bikes that have scored podium finishes, writing the history of the Superbike championship, have legendary names: 888, 916, 996, 998, 999, 1098. Names that have experienced equal success on the market as production versions, appreciated for both their performance ‘par excellence’ and the indisputable design appeal that characterizes each and every Ducati.

800 podiums is an important milestone for Ducati that, as ever, looks ahead to maintain and, above all, increase the competitiveness of its bikes, bikes that, over the last 27 years, have been frontrunners at racetracks all over the world, always rigorously equipped with a twin-cylinder engine enhanced with desmodromic distribution, the truly distinctive sign of every Ducati. Will the next milestone be 1000, or 1299…?